• Aktuelle Tätigkeit Student/in
  • Bildung Master / Diplom
  • Alter 27 bis 29 Jahre
  • Arbeitserfahrungen 3 Jahre
  • Homeoffice Ja, auch möglich
  • Branchen IT, Informatik, Programmierung
  • Anstellungsart Werkstudent
  • Soft Skills und Werte

  • Persönliche Stärken Aktive ReflexionsfähigkeitAuthentiziätEhrlichkeitFlexibilität
  • Soziale Stärken EinfühlungsvermögenBeurteilungsvermögenAktives Zuhören
  • Arbeitsweise Analytisches DenkenFleißErgebnisorientierungProblemlösungskompetenzStrukturierte Arbeitsweise



  • 2022 - 2022
    Fraunhofer IPA


    Development of a machine learning model for image analysis and classification of motors based on the type, usage,and other parameters

  • 2018 - 2020
    Rambus Inc.

    Associate Member of Technical Staff - Software Engineerin

    LabSation: Development of tool, LabStation TM interfaces with the system-under-test (SUT) through a LabStation Interface Mod-ule, predominantly done in C and C++ for communication and WPF using C# for the GUI. It is used for debugging, testing, and characterizing its high-speed interface cells. This tool provides low-level register access to all Rambus IOcells, such as XIO, XDR, FlexIO, Ethernet, and PCI Express with a proprietary scripting language called LS Scripting.
    Poineer: Worked to create an interactive customer-oriented GUI with functionality to reference customer needs and avoid complex knowledge associated with accessing test chips. This project is mostly oriented towards the end customerand is responsible for visually tweaking the specifications and viewing the results without requiring learning the specifics of the product. This runs on top of the LabStation but is customized for a particular project.
    Project Experience
    – Salina: Worked on a multi-protocol Serdes PHY supporting PCIE4, Ethernet, and OIF-CEI.
    – Param: Developed a multi-protocol solution primarily focusing on PCIe5 (32Gbps) technology.
    – Ulysses and Lorien: Contributed to projects involving Ethernet and OIF-CEI at high speeds such as 112G, 106G.
    – Garuda: Played a key role in a multi-protocol project with a primary focus on Ethernet at 28Gbps.
    – Eden Pista: Worked on a high bandwidth memory project operating at 4.8Gbps.